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Whoaaa this sounds super cool! Awesome work <3

Ahhh super chill, I love it. I can already see Whale Flies buzzing around peacefully :3

Awesome work, and thanks for the lil' shoutout!

Awesome song! Love how the bass hits ya. And the "snot boy" is priceless XD Happy New Year!

Ahhh, omg this is so AWESOME!! Thank you so much for doing something like this, I love it so much. And I really appreciate the support, means a lot :D

I was looking forward to this song and I was not disappointed! ;D

It's got such a chill, calm, and happy vibe, and I love the filter on the voice, makes it feel... idk... like an instrument that's part of the song rather than overpowering everything else like usual.

With your permission, I may actually like to use this song in a future art video, maybe a speed paint or something.

And that is a very good use of time XD I tend to listen to my "music" (of which I've yet to work up the courage to post anywhere...whoopie) and think about how it should be made when I'm procrastinating. Productive procrastination, but procrastination none the less... :p

JoeliusNG responds:

Good to know the extra work paid off!

As for using my music, yeah that's fine, just make sure to link back to the original :)

I'm an artist and YouTuber and stuff... If you'd like to use my artworks for something, you can hit me up with a PM to discuss terms! (May take a day or two to respond)

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