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Whooaaaa what a cool way to do Inktober, awesome work!

Really neat design!

Oh my gosh, I love it so much!! Love the thick bold lines, it's like a cute sticker. Thanks for drawing Willow <3

You make some really amazing pixel art/animations! :D

So cool! Just saw this piece posted on Heikala's instagram a couple days ago. Great animation. :D

Wow you are amazing with colors! Managed to get the whole rainbow in there flawlessly. Also this is a really cool character design, really unique. Awesome work!

WOW! This is beautiful. Love the environment! Thanks for participating :D

GameBlock responds:

thanks :)

Omg I recognized this from last year's! You really have improved :D Love the ghost busters poster haha. XD

Mi00ky responds:

Thank you, happy to hear I improved, especially from a great artist like you (^.^)♥
And you really recognized her from back then, yay (*.*) That makes me even happier, haha XD

Thought about what to put on the poster and thought that ghost busters would be so ironic in a funny way, while she is hunted by a ghosty creature :D And as you know the last picture it'somehow even ironic about a subway train that seems to be haunted regularely (°.°) Sry, starting to babble again XD Thanks for your nice comment ♥

This is really nice! Simplistic but really caught my attention. I'm looking forward to the song now haha! :D

JoeliusNG responds:

Eyyy thank you!

This is LEGIT. I absolutely love your style and the animation is so aesthetic :D

I'm an artist and YouTuber and stuff... If you'd like to use my artworks for something, you can hit me up with a PM to discuss terms! (May take a day or two to respond)

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