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'YEAR: A Collection of Short Stories' NOW IN PRINT!

Posted by Zaccura - January 27th, 2020

Two years ago this week I started a project to create one character, write one story, draw one illustration, and compile everything into one video each and every month. It was a success.

Two years later. It's now a in-the-flesh book. I would never have finished this project, much less turned it into a book, if is wasn't for the support of everyone who went with me on the journey back in 2018, and everyone who's shown love for my work since. I can't thank you guys enough.

iu_88719_5328223.jpgIf you're at all interested in getting a copy, it's out now on my shop. Every order comes with a couple free extras as a thanks, and there's also a limited time bundle package, which comes with prints and stickers.

Link: zaccura.com

I've also just uploaded the unboxing video on my YT channel, if y'all would like to see how it looks (*cough* and me getting all mushy *cough*).

Thank you. Just for reading this. For watching my art and videos. For your kind comments. For just wishing me well. Simple things can go so far, sometimes all someone needs to do great things is to know there's someone out there that sees worth in their work; to let them know that they have something that has value beyond just themselves, but to the world. Whether that's a million, a thousand, a hundred, or just two people. There's no difference. But the difference between sitting alone at your desk with a dream, and having someone there with you who believes in that dream; who makes you feel that your dream is worth something; is worth fighting for.... is profound.

I'm going into philosophical jamoke mode again... But seriously. Long story short. It doesn't take much to make a difference in someone's life. Thank you for making a difference in mine. Here's to the next big project! :)




You go,you awesome person you! And congrats on your book!

Thank you so muchhh! :3

Looks adorable))

Thanks! :)